Why Join A Church?

Why should I join a church?

This question is asked often these days.  In fact, maybe you are asking it now.  It's a good question!  Maybe we can be of some help. (We're talking about "a" church, not "this" church because HRC may not be for you, but "the church" is for you!)

On the first day the church of Jesus Christ existed ( you can read about it in Acts 2), 3,000 members joined the 120 core group.  What did these believers do next?  They devoted themselves to the teaching of God's Word, to prayer, to fellowship, and to "breaking bread" with each other (Acts 2:42).  They were not perfect people, far from it, but they came together to help each other "be Christian."  That's church.  Not the building or an organization, but people being an organism.  We at HRC are not perfect, no church is, but any church worth its salt is "working on it."

Here are some quick reasons why you need to consider being part of a church:

1.   Because it's God's idea, not man's.
2.   To be a participant rather than a spectator.
3.   To display your commitmment to the gospel of grace
4.   To receive encouragement and care from others who know what it's like to be human as we learn and mature together.
5.   To give, and not just receive.  God has given you a gift to use on his behalf. You might not know what it is, but we can help you find it and put it to use.  If nothing else, we can sure use your love!
6.   To be responsible and accountable.  Life is more meaningful when we live in an atmosphere where people genuinely care for us even to the point of challenging our motives.

Welcome to Hudsonville Reformed Church!