Stamp Ministry

 Collecting Cancelled Stamps and Antique Post Cards

In the back of church there is a box to put your canceled stamps in. This ministry is for Wycliffe. Wycliffe volunteers collect the stamps, clip them, and sell them by the pound, or, if the stamp is quite rare, it gets put on e-bay to be auctioned off. The money that they raise helps their missionaries when an emergency arises.


  • Please don’t submit Liberty Bell or non-profit stamps
  • Tear the stamp off the envelope leaving a small border around the stamp.
  • Deposit in the collection box on the corner counter in the narthex under the wreath.
  • Pre 1950 postcards are also collected.

Wycliffe Update!


     Thanks again to all of you who donated your collected cancelled stamps through the seasons of 2012 and of
2013.  They all end up in homes of Wycliffe volunteers who go to Orlando as “snowbirds” and sort and sell all of the donations.
Selling stamps on e-bay was a real boost this year.  In three months (Jan.-March) we sold over $1,800.00.  Also our new dealer, who is also a Wycliffe supporter, took over $750.00 of stamps back to Virginia with him.
We were able to give $1,000.00 to help those going on Mission Trips and another $1,000.00 to our auction project which was a guest house in Angola (for Bible Translators.)
HRC members have offered a great support of these projects and we volunteers at Wycliffe thank you for your participation!

Sponsored by the Faith In Action Committee.